Title Page

The title must be clearly intelligible to a non-specialist. Do not use jargon, nonstandard acronyms or abbreviations. Numbered series titles are not allowed. Avoid the main title/subtitle arrangement, complete sentences, and unnecessary articles.
On the title page, include the title, running title (not to exceed 55 characters and spaces), name of each author, each author’s affiliation and their full postal addresses, a footnote indicating the present address of any author no longer at the institution where the work was performed, a footnote indicating the up-to-date telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and present, complete postal address of the corresponding author and a footnote providing any abbreviations used in the paper.
Authors’ names: full first name followed by family name of each author. Superscript letters (a, b, etc.), not numbers, link the author’s name to his/her affiliation. The name of the author responsible for correspondence and proof correction is indicated by an asterisk (*) after the superscript letter. Use commas to separate names; do not use ‘and’ before the last author’s name.
Affiliations: The complete address (department and/or laboratory, college, university, and full postal address) for each author, preceded by the superscript letter (a, b, etc.) should follow the list of names. Each address is in a separate paragraph.