Initial Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted via email to jbb@uns.ac.id. It is journal policy that the submission process MUST be carried out by the corresponding author. All manuscripts are assigned to the Editor, who is responsible for the peer review process and for deciding whether the manuscript should be accepted, returned for revision or rejected. The corresponding author will receive all correspondence, including an initial acknowledgment and the decision, by email.

All manuscripts are considered to be confidential and are reviewed by the editors, members of the editorial board, or qualified ad hoc reviewers. To expedite the review process, authors must recommend at least six reviewers (names, institutes and email addresses) who are not members of their institution(s), and have never been associated with them or their laboratory(ies).

When a manuscript is submitted to the journal, it is given a number (e.g., JBB00008-01 version 1) and assigned to one of the editors. (Always refer to this number in communications with the editor and the Journals Department). It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to inform the co-authors of the manuscript’s status throughout the submission, review, and publication processes.

The corresponding author is notified, generally within 4 to 8 weeks after submission, of the editor’s decision to accept, reject, or require modification. When modification is requested, the corresponding author must either submit the modified version within 60 days of the decision email or withdraw the manuscript. Manuscripts uploaded late are given a new submission (resubmission) date. A point-by-point response to the reviews must be provided for the revised manuscript, and a compare copy of the manuscript should be included as supplemental material. Changes made in response to referee or editor comments must be highlighted in red. Please provide the files of your supplementary data, if you have made changes, which MUST be in a file(s) separate from the main manuscript file.


Manuscripts that have been rejected, or withdrawn after being returned for modification, may be resubmitted if the major criticisms have been addressed. The cover letter must state that the manuscript is a resubmission, and the former manuscript number should be provided in the appropriate field on the submission form. A point-by-point response to the reviews and a compare copy of the revised manuscript showing the changes must be included as supplemental material. Resubmitted manuscripts are normally handled by the original editor. Rejected manuscripts may be resubmitted only once unless permission has been obtained from the original editor or from the editor in chief.

The resubmission of manuscripts must satisfy the following conditions, regardless of whether the resubmission covers all of the previous work or only a part, and regardless of any changes in authorship:

  • All resubmissions must be accompanied by a cover letter containing full details of the previous version.
  • The manuscript number of the earlier submission must be provided.
  • Where appropriate, a file must be uploaded which contains the authors’ responses to any previous editorial or referee reports and a summary of the changes that have been made.

You are encouraged to carry out resubmission within twelve months of the decision date of the original manuscript. Please contact the editor if your resubmission is likely to take longer than this.

If you are unsure as to the suitability of your article for publication in the Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity, please send the Editors-in-Chief a copy of your Abstract by e-mail. The Editors-in-Chief will then advise you on whether or not your work would be appropriate for publication.


The Editors-in-Chief will inform the corresponding author of final acceptance on the basis of scientific merit by email. Copyright licence form, offprint order form, Open Access publication form and any permission letters must then be submitted promptly to Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity by the communicating author. Please note that publication of your manuscript may be delayed or prevented without receipt of these forms.

The proof, with corrected typographical errors, should be returned preferably as an annotated PDF within one month. A corresponding author likely to be absent during this time must provide the email address of a co-author who can assume responsibility for the manuscript. Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity will do everything possible to get your article corrected and published as quickly and accurately as possible. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all of your corrections are sent back to us in one communication. Subsequent corrections will not be possible, so please ensure that your first sending is complete. Any substantial changes and notes added in proof necessitate approval of the editor responsible for the paper. In general, corrections to figures are not permitted at this stage. The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors agree with any corrections made.